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In this blog you will receive inspiration and ideas concerning biographical writing.
If you would like to write your own family history, a chronicle of your life or even your very own autobiography, you will be given all the help you need in my biographical writing courses. These specially designed courses will not only teach you the expertise and skill of writing, but it will also enable you to tap into your memories to open up a deeper level of biographical writing within you.

Embrace this amazing adventure and enjoy your memories twice over!

Once you have embarked on your biographical journey, we will be here to assist you every step of the way. I am very pleased to have on our team Ms. Christine D. Goodwin who will be available to provide support for our English-speaking customers.

And when your work is completed, I will be delighted to publish your memoirs free of charge in this biographical blog. Just send the finished product to me and you will be able to see your work published on line to share with the world.

Both Christine and I are looking forward to hearing from you and working together with you.

With kind regards,

Dr. Andreas Maeckler

I hope you enjoy watching this little film which will give you some introductory information about my biography courses.

P.S.: I am currently looking for a personal historian to cooperate with this biographical blog in different countries and languages. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be involved in this exciting project.

New Biography: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s own story was more dramatic than any part she ever played on the screen. C. David Heymann brings her magnificently to life in this acclaimed biography–updated with a new chapter covering her final years.


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