Comprehensive Biography Course

More and more people are thinking about writing their own biography or that of their parents, but they just don’t know how to begin. I can help you take that first exciting step to get started and write your memoirs. I have developed a comprehensive writing course which will guide you step by step to your own biography. In this intensive course you will play with words, ideas and memories and, as you go on, learn to write your own biography, starting with simple anecdotes and stories and ending with being able to write mature memoirs:

  • Telling exciting stories
  • Verbal expression, style and much more all leading up to the finished book
  • Describing a mood
  • Writing dialogue
  • Describing characters

Imagine your biography as a book – and the joy it would bring your family and friends and succeeding generations, who will have an opportunity to get to know you from your memoirs.

With the aid of 101 weekly biography assignments containing tips, quotations from a range of different authors, and instructions, your memoirs will grow week by week. You will receive clear guidance while writing your biography so that it gains in substance and becomes interesting to other people. Furthermore – if you have any problems, you can contact me personally at any time.

Participation fee

The monthly participation fee is only USD 39.00 and you can cancel any time you wish. I am no friend of small print, long-term contractual obligations and hidden fees, so you won’t find any in my terms and conditions!

Alternatively, you can order a half-year subscription (25 biography assignments) at the discounted price of USD 215.00 or an annual subscription (51 biography assignments) at USD 400.00, as well as the complete course (101 biography assignments) for USD 700.00.

Participation fee in your country

Month 26 assignments 51 assignments Complete course
Australia/ AUD 51.00 289.00 518.00 889.00
Canada/ CAD 47.00 267.00 477.00 829.00
Great Britain/ GBP 29.00 159.00 286.00 496.00
Ireland/ EUR 34.00 190.00 340.00 590.00
New Zealand/ NZD 55.00 308.00 551.00 957.00
USA/ USD 39.00 215.00 400.00 700.00

Take a look at the list of 101 biography assignments at the bottom of this page! If you decide to subscribe, you won’t have to pay for this first assignment, of course. Your subscription to the course, which consists of these 101 biography assignments (approximately 680 pages in total) begins with your registration and the receipt of your first monthly payment. You will then be sent a biography assignment every week – generally on Wednesdays – as an email attachment in PDF format. You can start the writing course at any time!

I wish you plenty of joy and insights during what may turn out to be the most thrilling journey of your life – writing your own biography!

With kind regards,
Dr Andreas Maeckler

PS: You may ask yourself why the course lasts 100 weeks. Couldn’t it be done more quickly? It could, of course. One of the shortest biographies reads: “Born, lived and died.”

You yourself decide on the extent and the quality of your recollections. Only the best is good enough for you – what is important is what is right for you, given the time and resources you have available, and only then shall I accompany you on your way to your own biography!

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Key benefits

  • At more than 680 pages this is one of the most comprehensive biographical writing courses available anywhere in the world
  • Personal support by phone and email in all phases of your writing
  • Begin at any time, whenever you are ready
  • Convenient weekly deliveries of materials
  • Work at home at your own pace and whenever it suits you best
  • Moderate fees
  • Cancelling is easy at any time

List of 101 biography assignments

Part I:
Getting started

No. 001: Living on in your own biography – why you should write the story of your life
No. 002: Concepts of time in biographical writing
No. 003: Your biography, embedded in the chronicle of time
No. 004: Objects as reminders of your past
No. 005: The art of interpreting your photographs
No. 006: Introduction to genealogy
No. 007: Introduction to creating a family chronicle
No. 008: Selecting your biographical genre
No. 009: Legal issues of biographical writing
No. 010: Summary and end of Part I

Part II:
The Chronology of your Life

No. 011: Introduction – Wilhelm Busch: “About Me”
No. 012: Parents and grandparents – the paternal line
No. 013: Parents and grandparents – the maternal line
No. 014: Birth and baptism
No. 015: Nomen est omen? Your name and its meaning
No. 016: Brothers and sisters
No. 017: Uncles, aunts & co.
No. 018: First memories
No. 019: The childhood home
No. 020: Example text by Karl May: “My Childhood”
No. 021: The cinema in your head – basic rules for creating an exciting narrative (part 1)
No. 022: The cinema in your head – basic rules for creating an exciting narrative (part 2)
No. 023: Back to your childhood
No. 024: The first years at school
No. 025: Early childhood
No. 026: First loves
No. 027: Parties and celebrations
No. 028: Puberty and graduation
No. 029: My parents – first draft
No. 030: Motoring into the world – your first car
No. 031: The tension of opposing forces – basic rules for creating an exciting narrative (part 3)
No. 032: Chapter titles and beginnings – basic rules for creating an exciting narrative (part 4)
No. 033: The art of characterisation – basic rules for creating an exciting narrative (part 5)
No. 034: The art of writing dialogue – basic rules for creating an exciting narrative (part 6)
No. 035: Text analysis of a biographical travel article
No. 036: Correct layout of your manuscript
No. 037: Military service and professional training
No. 038: Love and marriage
No. 039: Starting a family and the role of the sexes
No. 040: Preparing for childbirth and the post-childbirth reality
No. 041: Family life and working life
No. 042: Marriage and its crises
No. 043: The golden thread of your life (part 1)
No. 044: When children leave home
No. 045: Midlife crisis and the menopause
No. 046: My parents – second draft
No. 047: Review – professional life and career
No. 048: Life in your grandparents’ time
No. 049: Retirement
No. 050: Last stage: the twilight years
No. 051: Beginning and ending – writing the preface and epilogue
No. 052: How to organise your autobiography
No. 053: End of Part II – reworking

Part III:
Themes in your Life

No. 054: Introduction – find your personal topics
No. 055: Independence and relationships – the search for love and happiness
No. 056: Those you have loved
No. 057: Role models – important people in your life
No. 058: The road not taken – biography of the imagination
No. 059: Comings and goings – journeys into the outside world and into the soul
No. 060: The role of money
No. 061: Having fun
No. 062: The happiest day of your life – and the darkest
No. 063: Your favourite objects: The most beautiful and most important objects in your life
No. 064: What makes you proud
No. 065: My hobbies and interests
No. 066: What does your home say about you?
No. 067: Values and motivation – what makes you strong?
No. 068: My worst blunders, my favourite disasters
No. 069: Turning points
No. 070: Spirituality and making sense of life
No. 071: Tempus fugit – the art of ageing
No. 072: Losses
No. 073: The death of friends and family members
No. 074: Your bucket list
No. 075: Death imagined
No. 076: If I could live my life over…
No. 077: Other themes in your life – find your own!
No. 078: End of Part III – the golden thread of your life (part 2)

Part IV:
Who are you? – The Fundamentals of Self-analysis

No. 079: Introduction to self-analysis
No. 080: Your childhood from today’s perspective
No. 081: Facing your fears
No. 082: Aggressions
No. 083: Ambivalences – contradictory forces
No. 084: Shame and humiliation
No. 085: Lies and other stories
No. 086: Guilt and feelings of guilt
No. 087: Punishment and self-punishment
No. 088: Hatred and self-hatred
No. 089: Self-respect and inferiority complex
No. 090: Ambition, power and weakness
No. 091: Physical contact and sexuality
No. 092: Reflections
No. 093: To conform or not to conform?
No. 094: Your repertoire of roles
No. 095: Your secrets
No. 096: End of Part IV – reaching balance and reconciliation with your life

Part V:
From Manuscript to Book Design

No. 097: Proofreading and copyright
No. 098: Introduction to book design
No. 099: Financing, printing and publishing
No. 100: Working with the press and public relations
No. 101: End-of-course summary with extended reading list and feedback questionnaire

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