We promote generational dialog and strengthen the connection to the Internet of many a “late adopter. In this way, an oral history archive is growing on the Internet, consisting of short video contributions of around 3-5 minutes, preferably several per narrator. On average, there are about 10 clips per protagonist. MEMORO – The Bank of Memories is a non-profit association with the goal of passing on the wealth of experience of older people to younger people and/or to like-minded people, socalled oral history.

www.memoro.org was created in Italy in 2008, we joined at the end of 2008. Unfortunately, the Italians no longer maintain the website since 2020, so the German association moved to YouTube. So the counters of the clicks started again at zero…and there are partly but also ancient videos to be found there, speak shot with the first equipment. The new contributions have a completely different quality.

On the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/memorodiebankdererinnerungenev people over 60 tell in short video clips how they experienced the war and post-war period, about social and political events, the profession/vocation or very personal things like the first kiss. In this way, we want to keep alive the memory of history, traditions and life lessons of that time and provide them for future generations.

We also carry out projects with institutions, see for example: from 20.9.- 07.10.2021 with the Munich City Library and the Munich Stift (13 retirement homes in Munich) the Living Library – Life writes the best stories and here the playlist for it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKLmURNZ92tjACb1J0CXH2ZvxeK79xBn1. Most recently in January 2022 in Hamburg with the Budnianer Hilfe e.V. children’s foundation of the Budnikowsky drugstore chain: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKLmURNZ92ti0E-3GTPEjunGncOIPfkX4

A recording usually takes around two hours and is free of charge for private individuals, either here in Munich or at the participant’s location. A quiet and bright room is very important for the quality of the recordings. I film alone with a directional microphone or with a lapel microphone if needed. Of course, in compliance with the A-H-A-L rules, regular ventilation, distance, I wear a mask and always have a bottle of disinfectant in my pocket. In the meantime, I have been triple vaccinated, and after that I got over the illness in March.

Possible topics of personal and time-specific memories: Childhood, family traditions, memories of school days, education, studies, the profession/vocation, development over the decades, memories of the various places of residence and possible travels (have lived in Paris myself for many years, traveled for a year through Asia with a focus on India), as well as time-specific memories of all kinds.

And finally, the questions:

1) Do you have any regrets in your life?

2) Do you still have goals?

3) What advice do you give to younger people?

4) What are you grateful for?

These closing questions, which are only suggestions, are welcome to be added to or replaced. We do not work autobiographically, but only want to record individual episodes that reflect something specific to the time, if possible. If you wish, we will note your website in the video description.