Does our life move in waves, like the ebb and flow of the tide? If so, this seems to be a time of flood, because I am inundated with almost daily complimentary messages from participants on my biography courses, and the numbers of participants is rising too. A. N. writes today:

“Hello dear Dr. Mäckler, … after the 4th biography assignment I have come somewhat to my limit … To my limit, because I experience the fear that I had too often as a child … I have brought myself face to face with many photos and thus also vivid memory pictures (deep inside me), many letters etc. … Amazing how this brings back so many memories …. I thank you for that. As a result I was also to complete last week’s assignment very well … But memories also hurt … Every now and then I experience great fear … In search of my roots, of the truth … many things hurt … I’m currently trying to track down my father’s relatives … It turns out to be difficult … But despite all the fear, it’s also exciting.

Dear Dr. Mäckler, thank you for your concept … I’m finally disciplined (sleepless nights are often involved) and want to get my manuscript done.

With love and best wishes”