I am always happy to receive appreciative mails from the participants of my biography courses. That includes this one, which I got recently:

Dear Dr. Mäckler,

First of all, thank you for the biography assignments so far. Having a clear structure to go by does me good and gets me effortlessly into action. That’s great. And so things gradually become more and more exciting.

It is unbelievable how much happened in some years of my life. Writing it down now, it felt like the events of some years would have been enough for half a lifetime. And I wasn’t really aware of that at all, I don’t know the various timelines of my life that well, at least not in their precise order. It was only when I strung together the events and encounters that I began to marvel. In a nutshell, it’s exciting, it’s fun, and it draws me in. – The historical events of course are also very interesting and make the whole thing even more colorful. I bought the chronicle and keep reading through it….

Ursula Sch.-B.