Praise always makes me happy. That includes this mail from yesterday:

“I still enjoy the course and it is also still exciting. Suddenly, simple events take on a completely different meaning when I simply write them down factually (without interpretations). Interviewing family members is also exciting. For example, I ask about my baptism and am told in detail about my brother’s baptism. Or I ask about my father before I was born and instead I hear a lot about what my mother experienced as a teenager during the war. I find that very interesting, my questions obviously kick off a need to talk, albeit about something completely different than what I asked. But that doesn’t matter at all, on the contrary, it gives me information that I might not have gotten if I had asked for it.

So everything is accepted with gratitude. My mother is turning 85 and I enjoy everything she tells me. She is the only one who has experienced many family stories herself. That’s why everything she continues to give is precious to me.

Having a clear structure to go by is still very helpful to me. I also like the fact that the topic of the next assignment is indicated at the end of each assignment, because my thoughts are already moving in that direction and I am already aligned, so to speak.

As you can see, your biography course gives me great pleasure and bears fruit. Super course. Really well done!