Yesterday I received the following kind mail: “Dear Mr. Mäckler, thank you very much for your biography assignments.

They have always been a motivation to continue writing my autobiography, despite the everyday tasks of caring for a toddler, and in the process to understand my life. Actually, I wanted to write down my very eventful life so far for my son, but more and more I’ve realized that I write for myself / my soul. I am 44 years old and find it very enriching to look back and understand life. Unfortunately, I often lack the time and leisure to continue writing. How can I motivate myself to do this? I would be very grateful for an answer. With kind regards, M. N.”

My answer: “…. Ultimately, of course, the motivation must come from yourself! However, with a little discipline, you can do anything. Write only 1 page every day (preferably at the same time each day when you are undisturbed and mentally fresh), and you will have put 100 pages of your autobiography on paper in 100 working days.”