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In this blog you will receive inspiration and ideas concerning biographical writing.
If you would like to write your own family history, a chronicle of your life or even your very own autobiography, you will be given all the help you need in my biographical writing courses. These specially designed courses will not only teach you the expertise and skill of writing, but it will also enable you to tap into your memories to open up a deeper level of biographical writing within you.

Embrace this amazing adventure and enjoy your memories twice over!

Once you have embarked on your biographical journey, we will be here to assist you every step of the way. I am very pleased to have on our team Ms. Christine D. Goodwin who will be available to provide support for our English-speaking customers.

And when your work is completed, I will be delighted to publish your memoirs free of charge in this biographical blog. Just send the finished product to me and you will be able to see your work published on line to share with the world.

Both Christine and I are looking forward to hearing from you and working together with you.

With kind regards,

Dr. Andreas Maeckler

I hope you enjoy watching this little film which will give you some introductory information about my biography courses.

P.S.: I am currently looking for a personal historian to cooperate with this biographical blog in different countries and languages. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be involved in this exciting project.

New Biography: Worth Fighting For

LISA NIEMI and PATRICK SWAYZE were married for thirty-four years. They first met as teenagers at his mother’s dance studio—he was older and just a bit cocky; she was the beautiful waif who refused to worship the ground he walked on. Through the years their marriage strained under the pressures that many do, but it was always a uniquely passionate and creative partnership.


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New Biography: This Is a Call

“This Is a Call,” the first in-depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, tells the epic story of a singular career that includes Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Them Crooked Vultures.


Leave a Comment December 11, 2011  

New biography: Van Gogh – The life

A new biography was released: Van Gogh, The life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith. It’s the product of ten years of research and writing.

The authors studied all the available documents relating to Van Gogh, as well as the relevant literature and archives. They also frequently consulted with Van Gogh specialists around the world. As a leading centre of expertise, the Van Gogh Museum made a major contribution to this project. Furthermore, two of its staff members provided comments on the first draft of the manuscript.


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New Biography: Sophia Tolstoy

As Leo Tolstoy’s wife, Sophia Tolstoy experienced both glory and condemnation during their forty-eight-year marriage. She was admired as the muse and literary assistant to one of the world’s most celebrated novelists. But when in later years Tolstoy became a towering public figure and founded a new brand of religion, she was scorned for her disagreements with him. And it is this version of Sophia—malicious, shrill, perennially at war with Tolstoy—that has gone down in the historical record.


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The Boy Who Met Jesus: Segatashya of Kibeho

It’s the greatest story never told: that of a boy who met Jesus and dared to ask Him all the questions that have consumed mankind since the dawn of time.

His name was Segatashya. He was a shepherd born into a penniless and illiterate pagan family in the most remote region of Rwanda. He never attended school, never saw a bible, and never set foot in a church. Then one summer day in 1982 while the 15-year-old was resting beneath a shade tree, Jesus Christ paid him a visit. Jesus asked the startled young man if he’d be willing to go on a mission to remind mankind how to live a life that leads to heaven.


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Memoro – The Bank of Memories

I like the Memoro Project. The Bank of Memories is a non-profit project available as an online archive in which the stories of memories and experiences of people born before 1950 are collected, classified and shared on the web by short videos/audio interviews.


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New Biography: Diary of a Player

This book is the very personal story of how Brad Paisley came of age as a musician and a man. Focusing on what it means to play the guitar and how he found his voice through a series of guitars, the book will also share what he has learned about life along the way. Beginning with his own very personal love letter to the guitar and what the instrument has meant in his life as a way to find his voice in the world, the book then moves into a musical, but personal, diary. Brad tells the story of his own musical passion, while writing loving salutes and sharing memorable tales about all the great players in country, blues, and rock & roll who have inspired him over the years.


Leave a Comment November 4, 2011  

New Biography: Steve Jobs

Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues—Walter Isaacson has written a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing.


Leave a Comment October 31, 2011  

New Memoir: A Tibetan Family’s Epic Journey from Oppression to Freedom

A powerful, emotional memoir and an extraordinary portrait of three generations of Tibetan women whose lives are forever changed when Chairman Mao’s Red Army crushes Tibetan independence, sending a young mother and her six-year-old daughter on a treacherous journey across the snowy Himalayas toward freedom.


Leave a Comment October 24, 2011  

New Autobiography: Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte is not just one of the greatest entertainers of our time; he has led one of the great American lives of the last century. Now, this extraordinary icon tells us the story of that life, giving us its full breadth, letting us share in the struggles, the tragedies, and, most of all, the inspiring triumphs.


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New: Start & Run a Personal History Business

The preservation of family memories is gaining popularity as a business opportunity. The recording of family memories into a handsome bound book for posterity is gaining popularity – especially at a time when digital photos often remain just that.


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New Biography: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President

James A. Garfield was one of the most extraordinary men ever elected president. Born into abject poverty, he rose to become a wunderkind scholar, a Civil War hero, and a renowned and admired reformist congressman. Nominated for president against his will, he engaged in a fierce battle with the corrupt political establishment. But four months after his inauguration, a deranged office seeker tracked Garfield down and shot him in the back.


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New Biography: Richard Branson

“Oh, screw it, let’s do it.”

That’s the philosophy that has allowed Richard Branson, in slightly more than twenty-five years, to spawn so many successful ventures. From the airline business (Virgin Atlantic Airways), to music (Virgin Records and V2), to cola (Virgin Cola), to retail (Virgin Megastores), and nearly a hundred others, ranging from financial services to bridal wear, Branson has a track record second to none.


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